Personalized hand painted beads from Objet d'Art

Very personal trinket for Your stylization

Personalized hand painted jewelry Objet d'Art means: the very personal stylization trinket, decorated with original miniature painting. It is a great idea to make happy yourself or some beloved one: girlfriend, mother or sister, aunt or friend. Our main motives are close to the nature, which we simply adore. However we also accept very custom orders such as: a landscape, airplane or a bout.

Unique hand painted necklace

Hand painted necklace is a very unique add, it should fit to your outfit and perfectly complete YOUR personality. We make pendants from the raw wood, trying to make its' natural beauty part of the design. Also some cracks, wooden gangrene or bark can be very interesting. 

Usage of other materials

Since the very beginning all of our beads we make in our workshop. Selectively we pick proper wood, then we dry it, cut, grind and polish, until we have a perfect surface for the miniature painting. Each made by us bead is unique. Created painting is an ORIGINAL ARTWORK, it is not a print from computer.

The most likely we use hard deciduous wood specific for our geographic location, such as beech or oak wood. We also use exotic or rare woods (or other e.g. soft and fragile with a beautiful natural pattern), which we make stronger by creating composites.

But this is not over. We also paint miniatures on other materials, such as mother-of-pearl, cork, stone, leather, silk or metal.

( more about the process of creating our jewelry)

Artistic work

Kasia Haldas is the artist responsible for the tiny masterpieces. Since many years she is interesting miniature painting, and since 2013 she professionally creates miniatures. She still develops her competences, studies techniques and experiments with different materials.

Kasia paints miniatures with artistic grade and museum quality paints. After last touch of the brush and proper drying time, paintings are sealed with a resin and varnishes. They start to be resistant to the external conditions and mechanical damage (the picture will not wipe off). 

Ready pendant

As finishing materials for the designs we usually use 925 Silver, Stainless steel 316L, strings, straps and leather. If you choose CUSTOM ORDER, you can compose perfect fit for yourself or ask, if we can make something extra for you, which is not available in our basic offer. 

You can also pick a custom made bead as keychain, with a ring and the buckle made from the stainless steel.

Compose your very unique pendant for yourself or beloved one today!