Welcome to gallery of my creations

I have divided the gallery into three thematic sections. If you have any questions, please write me an e-mail at office@imagesower.com. You can find more about me here. Thank you for visiting 🙂

Old wooden shelter between woods, miniature watercolor painting by Kasia Haldas imagesower at www.imagesower.com imageSOWER World


Miniature, traditional watercolor & wood painting. Other forms of the miniature.

Fantastic digital graphics and posters, large-format painting inspired by the world of nature, architecture and human life at imageSOWER world.

Other forms

Painting, graphics & other forms of artistic expression. Big forms.

Wild Rose, miniature acrylic painting on the birch by Kasia Haldas at www.imagesower.com imageSOWER World


Unique artistic jewelry that is suitable for big events, but also for everyday use.

Renaissance woman

Me, the woman of modern Renaissance. A few years ago someone told me this about myself, today without a doubt I know it’s true. I can do different things and I am constantly learning new things. I eagerly reach for various methods of expression, classic painting, drawing, and sculptural forms, as well as digital ones. Above there are buttons, thanks to which you can click to individual sections concerning topics that concern me.

The gallery below (or to the side) shows a small selection of my digital and mixed media works. I dealt with both design and DTP, which are prepared for printing. Significantly I am proud of the possibility of working with interesting artists, while we co-created great publications. I mean two original calendars and an exhibition catalog, also carried out in cooperation with The City House of Culture in Mikolow.

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