Objet d’Art – the Unique Jewelry

Hand painted wearable jewelry created by imageSOWER
How the jewelry is created?
The reason, why we started to create this unique jewelry, is our great passion to the nature and beautiful things. We combine together modern materials and tools, but we use classic craft and painting techniques. Our jewelry, inspired by the world of nature, depicts totemic animals and plants that have accompanied people since the dawn of time. Each tiny picture is painted by hand with the technique of a miniature painting by an artist specializing in this art.
Wood is the most important material for us.
It is one of the oldest and most valuable materials that artists willingly use to create their works. Each wood sorts characterize specific property. Our jewelry is made on the basis of deciduous tree wood. It is mainly made from beech and oak, but also we like to use cherry, plum or peach wood.
Processing and preparation of a single bead.
Each element is manufactured by us manually. After preparing a larger wooden element, it is preliminary polished and trimmed into the smaller formats. Each element is carefully inspected and all unnecessary elements are removed. Also all edges are milled, which improves the quality of the final product and makes it stronger. Next step is basking wood in higher temperatures to remove from it any moisture. Than we cover the bead with a hard varnish. Multiple layers of lacquer applied are interlaced with sanding the surface of the bead with fine-grained paper in order to obtain the smoothest possible surface. This way we get great base to paint some miniature on it.
The tiny picture is made with the miniature painting technique.
A real painting is created on the surface of the bead by an artist specializing in miniature painting. The tiny artwork takes shape with the high quality of non-toxic acrylic paints, which are produced by renowned brands, and very fine brushes which allows to dose proper amount of paint with many layers. When the work is finished, and the last layer of the paint is surface-dry, the miniature picture “rests” for a few days, after which it is covered with a jewelry epoxy glass. This process consolidates miniature painting, that become resistant to adverse factors such as moisture or UV radiation.
Final stage. Finishing the bead and fixing the painting.

The bead is ready for further processing when the epoxy glass is concentrated (48h). The next stage is adding mounting elements. For this purpose the wood is combined with metal, jewelry strings or leather, which are a perfect finish. The last element is our signature, added on the back of the bead. Additional natural stone, glass or wooden beads complete the composition of single jewelry design. 
The created piece is a unique gem, wearable jewelry, that we can take with us wherever we want.
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