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We are imageSOWER, the artistic atelier.

We develop beautiful things such as paintings, posters and hand painted jewelry. Also we create unique examples of custom made decorative subjects and toys. We invite you to visit our gallery, some of items there are still available to purchase.


IT geek. Beside Przemek holds three titles for imageSOWER: camera operator, video editor and peon. His one true gift to the company is the exceptional talent to perform any task with underwhelming results. Known for being the most cool dude anywhere, Przemek can be found performing a variety of tasks in our office as well as taking heavy tasks in the field.


She is the founder, owner, and leading dreamer at imageSOWER. She spends the majority of her time fulfilling custom orders for clients, but she is also responsible for supplying the dangerously unhealthy amounts of caffeine, as well as being the main creative force, which keeps the company afloat. Multitask person, resident tactician and strategist.

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