Jewelry & sensitive SKIN

 ●  4 important Issues  ● 

Be aware of your JEWELS

People are becoming more and more aware of the surrounding world because of development of science and technology. As one of the aspects of this global science also knowledge about jewelry, its quality and impact on the human body, significantly increases.

Thanks to this we are able to define helpful rules, also for people with sensitive skin, and answer few questions.
Here you will find 4 steps of aware care and use of your jewelry.

Jewelry & Sensitive SKIN
● 4 important Issues ● 

Nov 16 · 6 min read ...   

Proper taking care of your jewelry is important, but not many people know about this.

Each person who owns a jewelry, would like to enjoy it for a long time. There are easy steps to follow, which allow you to be more aware of your jewelry and batter take care of it.

Why should I care about my jewels?

It doesn't matter if you have a simple wooden, plastic or glass jewelry or high quality exclusive jewelry with expensive metals and stones or pearls. If you don't follow these rules, your beautiful jewelry will loose a lot on its decorativeness soon.

1. Cleaning jewelry

You should clean your jewels from time to time. Also it's important to clean jewels when they have had a contact with any liquids, also your sweat, or when somebody else could have wear it.

How to clean jewels?

Sort your jewelry for two parts: made from metal and sewn or weaved with threads. 

First group you can wash with clean water in room temperature and raw soap (with natural aroma, without additional ingredients of scent and color). Dissolve some soap in the water, put in your jewels and left for few minutes. Then massage it with your fingers in the water and then rinse with a clean water. Leave them to complete dry on the paper or textile towel. After drying wipe it with a soft cloth and hide on its place.

Jewelry sewn or weaved include threads. You shouldn't let them to be wet. However you can still keep them nice and clean. Take some soft cloth, if you can't find a proper one you can use cloth dedicated to clean glasses. You can gently clean your jewels with this dry cloth or let it moist a bit. After cleaning just hide your jewels on its place.

Don't use any detergents, don't rub your jewelry. Store it properly (you can read about this in our 4th point below). If you would like to have a competent care of your jewelry, you can also from time to time give it to your jeweler for professional cleaning, but it's not necessary. 

Also you should sanitize the metal parts at least from your earrings (beagles or pins). You can do this with a cotton pad and hydrogen peroxide or rubbing alcohol. Just soak a cotton pad with on of them and wipe your earrings before putting them on and after taking them of. 

2. Perfumes and fragrances 

You should pay attention, how you use perfumes. Always use them at first, before putting on jewels. Also let your perfumes, cream or balms to completely dry at first. All of them can cause a chemical reaction with a jewelry, and  it can easy irritate your skin.

Also don't make perfumes a substitute of disinfectant liquid. Do not use perfumes to sanitize e.g. earrings. This can have reverse effect and be a trigger of an allergic reaction of your skin.

3. Daily habits

Take of your jewelry each time when you take a bath, sleep, clean up at home, go swimming, go to the sauna or gym.

Dish soap as well as other detergents can cause a chemical reaction of jewelry, and in the effect can irritate your skin. Also cosmetics and personal hygiene products, sea water or your sweat can do the same. So simply be aware of this.

4. Mechanical damage

Crushing, falling out, cracking, breaking does not happen without a reason. The most common cases of this type of accidents occur during: squeezing, stumbling, hooking, and other damage resulting from various random events. That is why it is worth remembering to remove the jewelry before starting the homework, before going to sleep, before starting sports and other activities during which it may be damaged.

Also proper storage for your jewelry is important. Separate each piece, wrap it in a soft cloth and seal it in a bag, or in a special casket offered by jewelry stores. Good habit is to keep original pouches or boxes from jeweler and store your treasures in them. 

This guide dedicated for jewelry & sensitive skin, should be as short and simple as possible. If you have any questions post them below and enjoy your beautiful jewels! 🙂

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We create unique artistic jewelry, hand painted & weaved. See more in the gallery of our online shop.

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