Nasza opowieść o malowaniu i drodze samomianowanego artysty imageSOWER

Painting small is addictive

Find out more about the charm of a miniature in imageSOWER World.

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Between waking and sleeping

An artistic journey through life obliges us to search, explore the subject and forms of expression. As a result, as a creative person, you constantly have a lot of questions and much fewer answers. That is why I check and experience many things. Many of them fail, while others are distinguished by a spark of uniqueness and almost start living their own lives, somewhere parallel to me.

Old wooden shelter between woods, miniature watercolor painting by Kasia Haldas imagesower at imageSOWER World


Miniature, traditional watercolor & wood painting. Other forms of the miniature.

Revenge of the girl with matches, acrylic painting on canvas by Kasia Haldas at imageSOWER World

Other forms

Painting, graphics & other forms of artistic expression. Big forms.

Wild Rose, miniature acrylic painting on the birch by Kasia Haldas at imageSOWER World


Unique artistic jewelry that is suitable for big events, but also for everyday use.

imageSOWER World

In our imageSOWER World, a fusion of various artistic & craft techniques takes place, as a result of which unique details are created. We make craft jewelry, hand-painted wooden and clay cabochons, tiny paintings, small window decorations, graphics, wall hangers & wooden panels.

Artistic Jewelry

Original designs of unique artistic jewelry by OBJET d’ART.


Decorations and ornaments for a home with a soul. Paintings, graphics & wooden panels.

Printable stationery

Unique projects, graphics & other digital documents.


Independent original book publications. Amazon KDP

Create your little thing in imageSOWER World 🙂

Do you like the little things I make and want to learn the secrets of my workshop to make similar decorations yourself?

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imageSOWER’s testimonials

Very good contact and professional support. Mrs. Kasia can advise well.

Joanna from Warsaw

Jewelry is much prettier than in the photos. Great quality compared to the price!

Eve from Bydgoszcz

The wife is happy with the bracelet, the husband is happy.

Peter from Katowice

The ordered painting turned out better than expected. And it caused joy in the recipient. Worth the money! Contact with the author ok, implementation on time, as agreed.

Martin from Dortmund

I bought a beautiful birch pendant with a bee painting. It seems to be jewelry, but I framed it and it hangs on the wall as a decoration.

Anna from Opeln

My chocolate labradors look alive on a miniature painting by Kasia. A fantastic souvenir, it hangs in a place of honor in our home gallery.

Edith from Essen

The beautiful colors and pattern of the earrings look great and despite the fact that they are quite large, they are great to wear. I am very pleased with the choice and I intend to come back to the author for more 🙂

Agathe from Pozen

I had the opportunity to admire the author’s miniatures at the exhibition. Fascinating, amazing detail for such tiny works, but you must take a magnifying glass to the exhibition.

Monika from Ruda Śląska

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