Watercolour postcards

SET OF 5 beautiful hand painted Eastern post-cards, designed and painted with watercolor technique. Finished with precise brush strokes characteristic for miniature painting.

Available only in our store.

Hand painted Pendants

New feature in our offer! Purchase your personal jewelry right now. Unique design hand decorated with original miniature painting. 

Each item in our gallery is one of a kind.

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How the jewelry is created?

The reason, why we started to create this unique jewelry, is our great passion to the nature and beautiful things. We combine together modern materials and tools, but we use classic craft and painting techniques. Our jewelry, inspired by the world of nature, depicts totemic animals and plants that have accompanied people since the dawn of time. Each tiny picture is painted by hand with the technique of a miniature painting by an artist specializing in this art.

Gallery of other Artworks

Some of our beautiful products from the Gallery are still available to purchase.


Rare bigger pieces


Other miniature paintings


On canvas, posters etc.



Custom Jewelry

by imageSOWER

Our company specializes in selling made to order pendants and other jewelry, that are handmade in Europe. Click the button below to look at ordering your unique piece today!