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Please remember, that we accept only limited number of custom orders before Christmas.

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Unique Jewellery. Tiny paintings, crafted and hand painted by Kasia on the wood, are framed with Sterling Silver, strings, straps and additional beautiful beads.

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Artistic atelier imageSOWER invites you to visit the gallery of our works. Some of them are still available to purchase for connoisseurs and collectors. Individual questions please address to


Hand painted jewels Objet d'Art

We are creators of the Objet d'Art, a brand of personalized jewelry hand painted with miniature paintings. They are a great personal add to your stylization, also wonderful as a gift idea. On our beads we paint mostly nature inspired motives, however we make also commissions such as landscape or airplane.

How the Jewelry is created?

The reason, why we started to create this unique jewelry, is our great passion to the nature and beautiful things. We combine together modern materials and tools, but we use classic craft and painting techniques. Our jewelry, inspired by the world of nature, depicts totemic animals and plants that have accompanied people since the dawn of time.

Artistic atelier imageSOWER develops amazing miniature paintings. Each tiny picture is painted by Kasia, who specializes in miniature paintings.

Objet d'Art for long weekend

We hope that dusing this free warm days you rest a little and gain your powers to your next activities. We also do this, few more moments 😉

Tiny mouse on the picture has beed already sold, however interesting is the size: wooden bead measures 9 mm x 18 mm (3/8 inch x 11/16 inch). As additional material for bracelet we have used 925 silver.